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February 1, 2016

Posted by: pentanglenewwp

How taking over IT Support and installing a new server alongside fully virtualised services allow company Directors to

Pentangle were initially contacted to try to fix an ongoing issue with intermittent internet access and some international communication problems that the organisations previous IT support company had been unable to resolve.

The business was in the unenviable, but all too common, situation where their IT systems were damaging their business and profitability through wasted hours, people including Directors spending time trying to fix issues on a day to day basis and a break down in supply chain resulting in unfulfilled orders.

We quickly identified a number of problems with the current set up, initially re-configuring the system to provide consistent uptime and then replacing the router with a business class one, more suited to the task in hand which, with some traffic shaping, meant that everyone could access the internet and allow full use of the available bandwidth. The issues with their international partners being unable to log into the system or share email was traced to regional filtering issues with the DNS and promptly resolved.

On site storage was provided by an out of date Small Business Server. An immediate fix enabled sensible security policies for documents to be set and a simple yet robust back up plan implemented.

Following a review of all existing equipment Pentangle drew up a plan which incorporated a new server being commissioned and all services fully virtualised. This provides many benefits not least remote management and maintenance as well as simplified Disaster Recovery and resilience.

Within a very short time frame everything was running as it should, i.e. supporting business productivity and growth, rather than being a constant resource drain and bottleneck.

We now provide ongoing day to day IT support and are happy to report that both the IT systems and the Business are now consistently working well.

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