Women’s Pioneer Housing Association – Virtualisation cost savings & Thin client & Resilience

February 1, 2016

Posted by: pentanglenewwp

For a number of years now Pentangle have successfully worked with Women’s Pioneer Housing. a not-for-profit housing association, housing single women in areas of west London. Providing a home for someone, particularly if they are at risk, is a highly emotive cause which is sometimes challenging to balance with running an efficient and cost effective housing association.

We support them in this through:-

  • Hardware and software support, Integrated with 3rd party telephony supplier
  • Offering Customer support and education
  • Stability and reliability
  • Compliance with regulatory authority
  • Full data security and back up.
  • Resilient Disaster Recovery Planning.

As part of our ongoing desire to support their aims and endeavours we have successfully migrated their hardware from traditional desktop PC’s to a thin client model. The very real and valuable benefits to this are;

  • reduced cost of replacement
  • longer product life (typically 8 years vs 3)
  • simplification of support
  • simplification of remote access
  • reduced electricity costs
  • reduced heat output
  • zero configuration of replacement units (2 spare devices kept on site at all times)

We have also moved from standalone servers to virtualised servers, which provide

  • greater utilisation of hardware platforms (typically 3 virtualised servers on 1 physical server)
  • reduced electricity costs
  • reduced heat output
  • simplified backup/recovery – ability to restore to a ‘hot swap’ server
  • simplification of support
  • Overall cost savings reflected at 3 year typical change over point where thin clients did not need replacing.


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