Pentangle help multi-national Kubota to a 45% VoIP saving

November 21, 2016

Posted by: pentanglenewwp

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The Challenge

The UK Headquarters of global agricultural products and services provider Kubota were seeking to make changes to the efficiency of their telecoms and IT systems. Moreover, they were keen to use the services of a local supplier to fulfil this need: a decision in-line with their global policy of partnering with companies in their nearby business locality.

Kubota were keen to explore the potential of VoIP to save money on their telecom costs but needed to see an evidence based business case for the investment.  Could the Oxfordshire based IT specialists, Pentangle, put forward the robust business case for VOIP that Kubota needed?

Pentangle make the case for VoIP

In common with Pentangle’s usual new business protocols, the first action was to conduct a thorough audit of Kubota UK’s existing telecoms architecture to assess its suitability for VoIP. At the time Kubota was a customer of British Telecom (BT).

Pentangle’s weeklong audit provided a comprehensive overview of the strengths and weaknesses of their current system. From this, accurate, evidence based investigation recommendations were made for the immediate investment required to migrate the system to full VoIP. Projections were also made of the expected long-term savings that could be expected. Based on like-for-like usage those projections made a compelling case for VoIP: an estimated 45% annual saving on Kubota’s telecoms bill.

Kubota and Pentangle power-up the partnership

The projected savings presented by Pentangle were so significant that Kubota terminated their contract with BT and, even after the settlement of a penalty payment for early exit from their BT contract, Kubota were significantly better off at the end of their first year.

Kubota’s desire to work with a local business has also proved a popular decision. Any IT or VoIP problems are handled personally by Pentangle engineers who can quickly and easily get to the site.  A solution that Kubota much prefer over the alternative of remote IT support.

Kubota’s IT Lead, Alex Dymott commenting on their relationship said, “Pentangle demonstrated their VoIP and IT expertise to us right from the start. We’ve gone ahead with about 90-95% of their recommendation, and these have usually proved to be the right decisions.  We’re very pleased to have them on board.”

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