Pentangle VoIP proposition helps accountancy firm to grow efficiently.

November 21, 2016

Posted by: pentanglenewwp

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The Challenge

Wilson Partners, a Berkshire based accountancy and financial services company, have been an IT client of Pentangle for almost a decade.  In 2009, Pentangle discussed the benefits of VoIP as a telecom strategy for the fledgling firm.  At the time the business consisted of just two partners in a shared office with a hosted telephone system.  Direct contact with clients was mainly through their mobile phones.  Could VoIP provide a professional and truly a cost-effective option for such a fledgling business?

Pentangle prove the case for VoIP.  

Like most young businesses, Wilson Partners had ambitions to grow but had not considered VoIP as a key part of their growth strategy.  Pentangle suggested that the introduction of VoIP, even in a shared, serviced office, would be of immediate benefit and could be expanded easily as the business took on new staff or moved premises.  Wilson Partners accepted Pentangle’s recommendation and reconfigured their telecoms to take advantage of calls via their Internet connection. The result was an uninterrupted service and a reduction in call costs that were immediate.

Business success for Wilson Partners soon led to the addition of new staff, and a move to larger premises followed.  Pentangle’s promise that VoIP would offer a simple and scalable solution proved correct and there was no disruption to business continuity as a result of the move.

A further relocation followed shortly after as the number of employees grew to nineteen. Alongside this a new business started in the offices next door Again, the VoIP system was scaled up to meet the demand for the increased call capacity, and separate numbers for each business were introduced, a task that proved as simple and as straightforward as adding new handsets.

The additional benefits of VoIP now came into their own: employees were quick to take advantage of the multi-tasking opportunities; accessing voice messages and email alerts anywhere and anytime.  All this plus guaranteed lower call cost proved Wilson Partner’s faith in Pentangle’s VoIP recommendations were well justified.

Wilson Partners, Managing Partner, Chris Wilson is also keen on another bonus of Pentangle’s VoIP solution. “If there’s a natural disaster and the offices need to be closed for any reason, staff can work from home, there’s no downtime. That’s a huge comfort.”

“There was no hard sell from Pentangle, they gave us the business case and based on this made the decision to go with VoIP. It’s been right decision and we’re very impressed with the results.”

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