Remote working – Performance Projects

February 1, 2016

Posted by: pentanglenewwp

On recommendation, Pentangle were introduced to Performance Projects a small but highly successful motor-sport consultancy, based at Silverstone, who required an IT solution that:

  • Facilitated professional working practice within a highly technological environment
  • Was cost-effective and accessible
  • Enabled the use of advanced CAD packages whilst in the office
  • Allowed them the ability to work on customer sites for long periods of time whilst leaving the office unmanned
  • Understanding the customer requirements was key to this solution. In many similar cases the immediate answer would be “Cloud” but this was incompatible with the need to run a CAD package locally.

Given their specific requirements and business objective, a small, highly optimised server was specified along with remote access networking hardware and software, fully configured to allow 100% remote working when offsite.

The in-office server fulfilled the need to provide fast working when in the office to design parts collaboratively on the CAD system. This, coupled with the Microsoft Exchange service and remote working capabilities allowed the consultancy to get out and meet clients whilst appearing fully professional and capable in the eyes of their peers. For a small business the ability to ‘punch above your weight’ is vital when entering a competitive environment. We are happy to report that their efforts, supported by us, has resulted in the winning of several contracts including those to design parts for Formula One and Le Mans.

The story doesn’t end there. Winning the business is the first part of the customer journey. The IT system then enabled these parts to be designed and delivered according to the strictest of timescales to ensure race wins at the highest level of motorsport.

Pentangle has received glowing reports from the directors of the company and has been asked to remain a long-term key supplier to the consultancy.


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