Women’s Pioneer Housing Association – Virtualisation cost savings & Thin client & Resilience

Often when working in the Third Sector there are a number of pressures that affect not only what you do on a day to day basis but also in relation to stakeholders, clients and compliance with the appropriate regulatory authority.

Taking over IT Support – One Lux

Overcoming inherent problems in a system that was stretched beyond it’s original capacity and no longer matching the needs of the business. Pentangle’s approach enabled the organisation to rely on systems that now support their needs and their ambition.

Scalable, Secure and Reliable – Wilson Partners

A great example of growth, reliability and security – The original systems have evolved and scaled admirably to cope with the extra demands and now encompass full offsite disaster recovery.

Remote working – Performance Projects

A challenge for any small business is being available for clients but also able to get work done. For a small but successful motor-sport consultancy based at Silverstone this was a key consideration when looking for an IT system and support.

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