A Free Site Survey ? What’s The Catch ?

No catch, just common sense, at Pentangle we believe that in order to offer the best customer service to our clients we first need to understand what it is they need, and just as importantly what it is they already have.
We have a strong working relationship with all of our clients built on trust and transparency and we offer all our potential clients a FREE site survey.

VoIP Site Survey 

If you are looking at a VoIP telephony system from us we will arrange a suitable time to come to site to check your broadband provision and router capability. VoIP quality is directly related to your internet provision, if its compromised your VoIP quality will be too. Once completed we can talk to you about your business and what you want from the VoIP system. We don’t offer ‘Off the shelf’ solutions, we work with you to build a bespoke solution that works for you.

Pentangle are far more flexible  – to my knowledge we’re their only client with this bespoke VoIP telephony solution” – Andrew Katz Moorcrofts 

VoIP Savings Calculator 

In advance of a site visit you can try out or VoIP’s saving calculator to see how much money you could save on your phone bills by switching to VoIP. It only takes a few minutes to complete and we will immediately email you a copy of your cost savings based on the information given. We have recently helped one International client see a 45% reduction in their call charges.

IT Site Survey 

Like VoIP it is important to find out what our clients existing IT provision looks like and find out how it is working ( or not working!)  for them. We always provide reliable, cost- effective IT solutions and consultancy independent of the scale of the organisation.

“Pentangle recommend the kit that’s best for us – not merely the most expensive on the market” – Nick Carter, Umbrella Risk Management

If you’d like a free site survey or just want to talk through what we could offer, please fill in the form below or

Call 01844 318131 or email ask@pentangle.co.uk . 

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