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“For us Pentangle are like our CTO ( Chief Technology Officer). They plan and deliver.”

– Chris Wilson, Wilson Partners

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When it comes to IT services they work best when they just run in the background supporting your business.

As a company owner, or the employee saddled with the task of finding IT support, the choice is a seemingly never-ending one. How to differentiate between Company A that offers the moon on a stick, and Company B that offers the same moon, but with sprinkles and minus a stick.

For Pentangle, IT is not about baffling brains, talking in Klingon and reeling out endless acronyms. Neither is it about ripping the CEO’s heart out through their wallet.

We at Pentangle think IT is a layer of services and tools designed to give you, the client, the best chance of helping make your company a success. This means the provision of a set of cost-effective, reliable systems that can scale as you grow yet don’t cost the earth to set up when you’re counting the pennies.

We’re also pragmatic in our approach. We know that if you grow – we grow. Hence we have a vested interest in making your IT support experience a richly rewarding one; keenly priced, transparent, proactive and reliable, enabling you just get on and work… in the most effective way possible.

Pick up the phone and talk to us, we guarantee you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Call 01844 318131 or email ask@pentangle.co.uk 

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