Replace an Existing Phone System

The emergence of new technology with mobile devices and IP technologies has allowed companies to assess their communication provision. More and more companies are replacing their existing phone system and switching to a VoIP system. VoIP offers a greater degree of flexibility as well as cost savings.

VoIP’s scalability means that as your business grows, the technology can easily ‘grow’ with it. It allows remote workers to stay in touch as well as allowing multiple departments over multiple sites to stay connected, in a way that traditional phone systems can’t.

Business Benefits of Switching to VoIP

  • VoIP is easy to configure, and is a great deal cheaper than using a land line system
  • VoIP uses your existing internet connection
  • Ideal for remote workers
  • If you use the Cloud you don’t need to have a lot of equipment on site, we can host your PBX (This is the hardware that’s required to run multiple extensions. It is what allows call transfers and voice mail)
  • If you make a lot of international calls the cost of switching to VoIP will be considerably cheaper

Why Choose Pentangle to Install it

  • VoIP is like any other emerging technology, it is easy to get it wrong. Pentangle understand the technology and will consult with you and supply a VoIP system that is right for your business
  • We will integrate your new phone system into your existing system, which is a more cost effective approach
  • We use trusted suppliers, we won’t sell you the most expensive or newest system on the market. We will install what you need for your business
  • A well configured VoIP system can offer HD-quality voice with better clarity than any traditional phone system

Once you have made a decision and you would like to switch to VoIP, you have two options with regards to hosting.

Self-Hosted VoIP Systems 

  • A self-hosted system is run on servers owned by the business, so you would pay for and own all the equipment.

Cloud- Based VoIP Systems

  • A cloud-based system means you don’t have any hardware or maintenance to worry about. We can host and maintain your phone system for you.
  • The cloud offers growing businesses increased flexibility, its very easy to add new lines and scale up (or down) your requirements.

You would pay a set monthly fee alongside a pricing structure for concurrent calls.

Pricing Structure

  • To host the central phone system = £20+VAT per month
  • A cost for concurrent calls to and from your company = £6+VAT per month per pair of concurrent calls
  • A cost for calls

If you would like to have a chat about what we can offer in terms of VoIP please do not hesitate to contact us and we can discuss your requirements.  Call 01844 318131 or email 

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