“Pentangle are far more flexible  – to my knowledge we’re their only client with this bespoke VoIP telephony solution” – Andrew Katz Moorcrofts 

Business Telephone Systems for Remote Working

As companies grow in to wider marketplaces the need for your staff to be on the road or perhaps to work from home from time to time grow.

As well as offering a wide variety of IT services to help enable companies to distribute their workforce more effectively we also offer VoIP based business telephone systems that can allow your remote staff to still look and feel like part of your office.

Through the use of our own bespoke phone provisioning (automated setup) system once a phone has been connected once in the office it can be taken to a member of staff’s home or perhaps to a clients office, plugged into the network, and then used as if that person were sat at their own desk.

Through the use of this technology companies have been able to reduce the required office space (thus reducing cost) and provide a better quality of service to their clients through having a more widely distributed (and happier!) workforce.

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