VoIP Savings Calculator

Try out our VoIP savings calculator to see how much money you could save on your phone bills by switching to VoIP. It only takes a few minutes to complete and we will immediately email you a copy of your cost savings based on the information given. We have recently helped one International client see a 45% reduction in their call charges.

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Number of VoIP handsets required

Please note: Phones are shown for illustrative purposes only. Exact specifications will be confirmed at time of purchase

We can provide a number of handsets from simple desk handsets to systems with LCD screens capable of handling more complex address books and your company logo

Reception phones feature additional line controls and a large LCD

We also offer a range of DECT wireless handsets perfect for staff who are rarely at their desk and a conference room solution enabling you to share your cost savings when on large international calls

Concurrent Calls

Concurrent calls are the number of phone calls that can be maintained simultaneously both inbound and outbound

Phone numbers

Existing external numbers are the phone numbers your business currenty uses. Additional numbers can be added during the migration to our systems.

Current charges (optional)

By providing this number we can calculate approximate call cost savings based on the typical savings we have seen from other businesses who have moved their phone systems to us.

Your details

We'll email you a copy of the results so you can review them in your own time

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