“It’s the technical back-end work where they excel.”

–Scott McKenzie, Director of Operations, Headstock

Web Consultancy

Pentangle have a proven track record in delivering outstanding website consultancy. We pride ourselves on our technical and marketing expertise and relish the opportunity to work with our clients to improve their websites functionality and achieve their business goals.

We consult and take care of a wide range of businesses all of which have different needs.

Social Media Marketing

We can demystify social media marketing and help market your business successfully through those channels.


We can look at your organic search rankings ( where you are ranked in Google for specific search terms) and consult on how to improve your website and move up those rankings.

Call to Action – Get the Sale

Most visitors will stay on a website for around 10-20 seconds so you need to capture their attention immediately. Pentangle offer copywriting as part of our website consultancy service. We can also help with back-end software to capture your customer data for follow up.

We also consult on: 

Migration to WordPress 

Pentangle have put together a new service which allows us to update your existing website to work with the WordPress publishing platform.

Over the past few years WordPress has been edging it’s way towards becoming the de-facto standard for content and marketing based websites.  It’s easy to use content management system coupled with the ability to plug-in new features without too much cost and a strong focus on updates to keep it secure and reliable means it’s ideal to put you in control of your website.

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