“Where Pentangle do well is building websites from the ground up.  Some other companies try to modify ‘off-the-shelf’ packages and the result can be a bit of a bodge.”

– Scott McKenzie, Director of Operations, Headstock

Web Design

Why do you need a website?


More than 60% of the UK population bought something on-line in 2015. With purchases ranging from groceries to diamonds you are missing out on that market if you don’t have a website. That’s not to say that if you haven’t got anything to sell on-line then you shouldn’t have a website.A website gives potential customers, employees and business partners an idea of your business and what it can offer other businesses.  First impressions count and it’s important that your site looks professional and functions perfectly.


Great Web Design Alongside Good Content   You can have the ‘best’ website and web design out there in terms of content, style and product but still fail to attract any visitors. You can improve traffic to your site by achieving ‘high ranking on search engine return pages’ (SERP’s). It is all about good quality unique content.

Google have had to be one step ahead of the game as website developers predict search engine algorithms changes to boost webpage rankings. Google’s response? The introduction of several major algorithm updates that have now shifted the focus heavily onto the quality and quantity of website content. Pentangle can review your web design, website content, optimize your SERP ranking and help you stay ahead of Google and your competition.We believe in doing things properly and in-line with current best practice


We will not write code to cheat the system.

Google ranks your site based on several criteria one of which is high quality content. There is no way around it, if you cheat the system with ‘bad’ content then google will not rank your site.

It is important to us that things are done right. There is little point in ranking highly if once your visitors click on your site it is of no relevance to them. Once you have them on your site you need to give them a reason to stay on it. You want every visitor that lands on your site to stay and convert them into a sale. You also need to capture their data for future targeted marketing campaigns.


We can re-design, help re-write and move your website onto a site with a Content Management System (CMS.)

Websites and web design like all aspects of your business need to be regularly reviewed and updated. We are seeing more and more clients through our doors that want to update their website and have more control over their website and its contents. Clients are wanting to have websites with a content management system (CMS) where they can make changes.


We will take the time to teach you how to use your website

We have clients that still want us to look after the site and update it when needed, but like the idea that they can update their site if they wish. We will even give you an hour’s FREE master class on how to use it if you like! We are not wanting to control your website it is after all your intellectual property not ours.


We need that! What do we do next?  

Let’s Talk – You can come to our offices in Thame Oxfordshire. Have a meeting with your designated web developer and marketing consultant to assess what you have and what you need in terms of web design, content and functionality. Or we can come to you.  It is important to us to understand the needs of your business, get to know you and your aspirations so we can start producing a site that gets you the maximum number of hits and sales possible, while still reflecting your tone of voice.

Let’s Design – Your web developer will then start on your web design and web site structure, incorporating your brand, colours typography, and images. Your marketeer can if you wish write, update or move your copy into a CMS and ensure you are taking full advantage of your SEO so every page is perfectly optimised. Alternatively you can do that yourself if you wish.

Let’s Launch – Once you are happy and we are happy we will launch your site and start securing those sales

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